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Kajal Aggarwal takes Kalaripayattu lessons for Kamal Haasan's Indian 2!

26th Sep, 2022

The south diva Kajal Aggarwal is back to work after the birth of her son Neil. Her next project will be Kamal Haasan starrer Indian 2. She has been taking Kalaripayattu lessons, a form of Indian martial arts for her role in the film. Besides this, the Special 26 actress is also learning horse riding to look just as fit for the role. Sharing a snippet of her Kalaripayattu lessons, she penned a note on Instagram, along with a video, showing her swift moves.

In a lovely note, she wrote, "Kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial art, that translates into ‘practice in the arts of the battlefield.’ The magic of this art form evolved into the birth of Shaolin, Kung Fu, and consequently Karate and Taekwondo, amongst others. Kalari was typically used for guerilla warfare and is a beautiful practice that empowers the seeker physically as well as mentally. Grateful to have been learning this intermittently (but wholeheartedly) over 3 years! @cvn_kalari have been fabulous and so patient, guiding me as per my ability to learn and perform at different degrees over time. Thank you for being such wonderful masters. shot and edited by @kiransa #indian2."