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Neetu Kapoor reveals about dealing with her husband's loss!

24th May, 2022

Recently, late Rishi Kapoor's wife Neetu Kapoor opened up about dealing with her husband's loss. In a media chat, Neetu opened up about being the "stronger one" in the relationship but yet seeking medical care when she needed it. 

Veteran actress Neetu, who will be making her comeback with Jug jugg Jeeyo, revealed, "You know, life makes you strong. When you go through ups and downs. And when we go through the downs, we think it’s our worst time. But I feel that’s the best time because that’s the way God is making you stronger to deal with whatever comes in your life. I have gone through loads of it in my life, and maybe that’s what made me strong enough to deal with every situation. I was stronger than my husband. If there was anything happening in our life, I would give him that strength. I was always the stronger one." 

Furthermore, she added, "Whatever it is you’re feeling, whatever your issue is, you must do something. If you are having a mental health problem, see a psychiatrist. I went to a psychiatrist. After my husband (left), I used to consult a doctor, but then I said, ‘I am stronger than what the doctor is saying’. The doctor was telling me to do things that I already knew, so I thought to myself ‘Why am I not doing these myself?’. And so, I stopped seeing the doctor and I dealt with my ‘missing him’, ‘feeling low’ feelings within myself, and made myself stronger."