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Zayed Khan reveals about his equation with cousin Fardeen Khan!

16th May, 2022

Zayed Khan is one of the well-known stars of Bollywood. His act in Shah Rukh Khan and Sushmita Sen starrer Main Hoon Na was praised by the viewers. One more rising actor during his time was Fardeen Khan who was Zayed’s cousin. In the latest media chat, Zayed opened up about his equation with Fardeen.

When asked him how his relationship with Fardeen was impacted as they were contemporaries. Zayed firmly told, “I never looked at Fardeen as a competitor.” He emphasised that he doesn’t even have that in his dictionary. He clarified that even though at that point of time there was certain stuff that was going around - there were 30 movies being made and 15 actors to chase after them - he never looked at Fardeen as his competitor. He affectionately added that Fardeen was a bro and the two had extremely intellectual conversations with each other. 

Zayed revealed that he’s been a good brother and the two never looked at each as competitors. “We should have seen professionalism and brotherhood differently and play the game like that but we didn’t,” Zayed ended chat.