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Vidya Balan reveals about the biggest lesson she learned from Mohanlal!

7th Apr, 2022

Vidya Balan is one of the most gifted actresses in Bollywood. The Parineeta actress is presently enjoying the success of her recently released film Jalsa which also starred Shefali Shah in a key role. 

Recently, in a media chat, the Heyy Babyy actress talked about working with South megastar Mohanlal in a movie that got shelved and also disclosed the lesson she learnt from him. Speaking about this movie Vidya said that she shot for about 2 weeks for this movie. Later she explained that not for the entire period of the 2 weeks because Mohanlal and the director were having issues, so a lot of times the shoot was getting cancelled. Vidya further disclosed that she worked with him for only 6-7 days. 

When she was asked was there awe when she was on the set with Mohanlal? Vidya Balan disclosed she loves Mohanlal as an actor. Talking of the biggest lesson she learnt from the actor, Vidya revealed, “I had always said that he was my most favourite actor and now I was getting to work with him. But you know what I learnt a very important lesson from Mohanlal on set was that he would not read a book or anything in between even if we had to spend a lot of time waiting. I remember he told me that I don’t want to be reading the script either but I just want to be present for this and then when the director calls for action, I want to allow for that magic to happen. He always supported the team. To sum it up it was that the process is bigger than you and I think that was the biggest lesson.”