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Shahid Kapoor opens ups on pursuing direction in the near future!

8th Mar, 2022

Shahid Kapoor is one of the most talented stars of Bollywood. He has worked in numerous films and proved time and again that nothing can stop him from giving a remarkable performance in almost all his films. The actor is presently waiting for his next movie Jersey to release in the cinemas. Recently, the Kabir Singh star in a latest media chat opened his heart about taking up writing apart from acting. 

In a media chat, when Shahid Kapoor was questioned if he would ever take up writing just like his father Pankaj Kapur, the actor responded that he does not think he has the ability to write. He further disclosed being fascinated by the people who can write and create music because according to Shahid they are the ones creating something wonderful out of nothing. Speaking about his father the Jersey actor revealed that Pankaj Kapur writes like a dream and that Shahid has had the honour of reading a lot of his work. Concluding, Shahid Kapoor said that he does not think that he has that talent in him. 

When questioned if he would step into direction right now? Shahid Kapoor responded, that he is learning new things within this job now so he is not looking at a shift of job at this moment. He revealed, “I am not ready to give up acting right now. Direction is a full-time job, and it needs that shift.” He further disclosed that he does not even have a story in mind that he is eager to tell the world. Writing and direction are two things for which you need to be there fully and that’s not on my mind right now.”