EMI - Liya Hai To Chukana Padega

Sattar Bhai runs a collection agency called Good Luck Recovery in Mumbai's Bhendi Bazar area. Famous for his notoriety, he uses unconventional methods to make four defaulters repay their debts.
Release Date: 7th Dec, 2008


Sattar (Sanjay Dutt), owner of Good Luck Recovery Agency, is the saviour and the solution for all those caught in the debt trap. From Bhaigiri to business to politics to social work—that's how Sattar wants to progress in life. He has already graduated from Bhaigiri to business and is now eager to jump into politics.

Most sought after by banks, telecom companies and various multinationals, today his Good Luck Recovery Agency is a leading recovery agency. Sattar follows a simple rule when it comes to his business—Loan liya hai to chukana padega.