An idol from a temple in Kshetram is hidden in a forest to protect it from invaders. The Rayulu family tries hard to reinstate it back to the temple in order to complete an old ritual.
Release Date: 29th Dec, 2011


The film opens with the history of a village called Kshetram. An idol of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy from the temple is hidden in a forest in order to save it from invaders. Generations of the Rayulu family have struggled to reinstate the idol in the temple but were unable to do so. After few generations, Veera Narasimharayalu a powerful village leader of same dynasty want to finish the ancient ritual, which is critical, to the well-being of his village. Veera Narasimharayalu changes his name to Naga Penchalayya being the process of the ritual, but he has been killed by his own uncle, Chinnanna, and his cousin brother Viswanadha Rayulu to conquer his position and property. The ritual remains incomplete so his wife Lakshmi decides to continue the process, changes herself as Naga Penchalamma to complete the ritual as her husband's last wish. Naga Penchalamma and her entire family also killed by same baddies. Before dying, she takes an oath that in any circumstances she will come back to succeed the mission. After 25 years Chakri is the son of Viswanadha Rayulu falls in love with Sohini Agrawal, who is eerily similar to Lakshmi. When Sohini comes into the ancestral house of Chakri, strange supernatural events happen and powerful spirits and athmas come into the picture. What happens to Sohini? Will the ritual be completed?